Spotify can now be Played on Safari again

Spotify can be run on Safari browser. After approximately three years, you can listen on its Web player on Safari.


We did not understand why Spotify’s  web player disappeared on Safari in 2017. Many people looked for information.  


If you wanted to use Spotify, you had to use another browser or download the native app. Now, without any hustle, you can just launch it on Safari since Spotify has added Safari back to its list of its working browsers. After many years, people who love Safari can listen again to Spotify in their favorite browser.

People find it a little strange that Spotify didn’t work in Safari since 2017. Some other platforms like Google’s music service works fine with on Safari.


The Apple Music’s web player is also compatible. The change done by Spotify was made without any announcement. People found it out on Reddit . If the web player does not automatically open, try updating the browser. You can also try a private window on you browser.



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