Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365, all there is to know !

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Office 365 does not just change its name, in fact Microsoft 365 also comes with new features and a variety of subscriptions among which a free version and two premium plans. Follow us so that together we discover all the information to know about the new offers of Microsoft 365 available from April 21, 2020.

Office 365 changes name why ?                                                                                           

Containment forces ! Microsoft took advantage of a virtual conference to announce a redesign of office 365 which it wants to redo the image by christening it Microsoft 365 which aims to seduce a more family-friendly audience. This is an improved version of the old office 365 offering. Microsoft 365 is now available to anyone who prefers a subscription rather than purchasing a Microsoft Office license.

From April 21, 2020, Office 365 subscribers will switch to Microsoft 365’s enhanced offering. After a decade of good and loyal service, the subscription formula to the ecosystem of Microsoft is doing well by bringing its share of novelty. Beyond the new features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Redmond firm offers new features in the office suite such as access to Microsoft Teams for all or the launch of a mobile application called family safety that brings families together.

The purpose of this new version is to allow you to share, connect and collaborate with your loved ones and family on the web as well as on IOS, MacOs, Windows and Android devices. With more than 500 million users worldwide, office’s Office suite software, namely Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint, is available online for real-time collaboration, participation in remote meetings or to organize your daily tasks. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

The new features of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 presents itself with better editing and presentation tools for office suite software. Professionals, Microsoft does not forget you, it presents you with some new features.

From premium on board, as far as Word is concerned, it is enriched by Microsoft editor, an elaborate version of the spell checker very well known to all. A Booster of artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft editor will be able to pick up all the syntactic and stylistic imperfections of a document. Even better, it takes up plagiarism and reformulates what you fail to express correctly, a dedicated extension also exists on browsers running under chromium. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

As for PowerPoint, it is provided with parental control to the “presenter coach” cleat, a virtual assistant for your PowerPoint presentations. Oral presentation was never your forte ? Don’t panic ! Microsoft is here to help. The “presenter coach” is able to detect the flaws of an upcoming presentation : language level too familiar, speech too fast, tone too monotonous etc., not to mention “designer” who analyzes the visual quality of the slides and even gives himself the freedom to issue more aesthetic presentation suggestions.

It is necessary to note that with the “presenter coach”, we see appear a new “monotone pitch” feature that analyzes the sound of your voice to allow you to make a real-time feedback of your speech ; there is also this function “speech refinement”, which, as for it suggested words or phrases to facilitate and structure your pitch.

Note also the arrival of 200 new templates dedicated to professional and personal creations for example: minutes, cv, wedding invitation, baptism, newsletter … 175 Getty videos and 8,000 images are also appearing for Microsoft 365 subscribers. Let’s not forget the addition of 300 new fonts and 2800 icons for lovers of visual customization. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

Your bank account at your fingertips with Excel, isn’t it wonderful ?

Thanks to The New “Money” feature integrated into Excel, you can link your bank account to an Excel document. A secure connection process to your bank accounts allows you to conduct in-depth analysis of your expenses directly in a spreadsheet. You can also schedule alerts about price changes around recurring payments or bank charges. As you may have already guessed, this new tool gives you the opportunity to create various custom graphs to get an effective visual and statistical feedback on your banking movements. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

Organized people, Microsoft to think of you with these new Outlook features !

Remember first of all that Outlook now allows you to merge your personal calendar with your business calendar thus ending the ordeal of juggling many calendars. A great way to have an exact visual sir your intra-and extra-professional availability. Professionals can now interact directly with friends and family through the Teams communication service. With their private circle, they will be able to make calls, create to-do lists, tasks, discussion groups, etc.

What is good to know, what despite all these new features that will delight more than one, the price of Microsoft remains and remains the same ! Yes, you heard right. So let’s discover together the new subscription offers. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

The new Microsoft 365 subscription offers and their price

Let’s talk first about the free offer of the Microsoft 365. if you have a Microsoft account, you can access this version including access to the online services of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, but also Skype or OneDrive, on the web and on mobile for IOS and Android. But this offer is only available to one person by allowing him to benefit from the new office features proposed by Microsoft 365: creative content, Microsoft copywriter or PowerPoint designer plus his coaching. With this offer you benefit from 5 GB of storage on Onedrive for backup of your documents and up to 15 GB on Outlook. Access to audio and video conversations on Skype for up to 50 people is unlimited. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 paid offers: personal and family

For Microsoft 365 staff valid for one person, the plan is proposed at $ 6.99 per month. When at Microsoft 365 family available for 6 users it is at 9,99 dollars. They offer the same online office features as the free offer but with more advanced options such as Microsoft copywriter’s spell checker, additional recommendations for improving PowerPoint presentations with premium content and a greater number of templates, fonts, icons and images. As for storage, on Onedrive, the personal plan entitles to 1 TB of storage while this volume extends to 6 TB in that of the family plan. As other advantages, features are offered in these two paid offers, we note the Onedrive vault that allows to save all documents but also to protect against malware and phishing attacks. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

On the Outlook side, the storage space is 50 GB with the ability to customize the domain name of your email. You can also make Skype calls to mobile phones and landlines for up to 60 minutes per month. It should also be noted that the technical support of Windows 10 and the entire Microsoft 365 applications is included in both paid offers. - Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 – Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

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