IPhone 12 coming soon ?


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, things got tough this year for Apple, however despite a delay, Apple is feverishly preparing the event to present the release of the next iPhone. Indeed according to a leak from Apple, a keynote is planned on September 10. Unless it’s just a rumor…

Despite the delay caused by the coronavirus and its consequences on the development of novelties and the assembly chain, the Californian giant does not intend to work. Yes, because by the end of the year a whole bunch of new devices are planned. Between the iPhone 12, the new Macs equipped with Apple Silicon chips and everything else (Apple Watch Series 6, iPad, and perhaps a new HomePod), consumers will be served when it comes to novelty. The famous traditional keynote of re-entry, designed for the new iPhone, is therefore possibly expected.

iPhone 12

Apple’s YouTube account leaked ?

Usually it is an event that is held in early September. A date may be foreseen : by mistake, the manufacturer shared with its subscribers on its YouTube account a curious “test” planned for September 10, as in 2019. But note that it is still possible that it is simply a mistake…

@9to5mac Just popped up on my YouTube sub page, Apple Event on Sept 10th pic.twitter.com/nbsunVF0wZ

— WeiRdCroissant.HODL (@WeiRdCroissant) August 20, 2020

At first glance, the keynote is announced for a Thursday, which, we all know is not an Apple habit. The confirmation of the marketing of the iPhone12 which will undergo a delay of a few weeks by the manufacturer during its latest financial results constitutes a completely other information that puts the chip in the ear. But what’s the point of making a presentation organization so early, if the goal is to put it on the market only in October for ? This is not Apple’s way of doing things: usually there is only a two-week gap between presentation and marketing, with pre-orders in the meantime.

It is possible that Apple will put in place two keynotes: a first whose goal would be to launch its new smart watches and tablet, scheduled in September, the 10 may be, then a second in October for the launch of the iPhone 12.

Everything you need to know about Apple’s future iPhone

If you can’t wait any longer, we summarize the main thing you need to know about the future Smartphones of the Apple brand.

Apple is expected to introduce its new iPhone this year. It even seems that aficionados of the Apple brand will have a choice, since the Californian giant even plans to release up to four new iPhone models starting next November. Faster and more powerful Smartphones, with improved cameras that will likely include 5G compatibility.

In order to better understand Apple’s future projects, we will go through with you all the leaks and rumors that surround the upcoming devices of the American giant. However it is important to keep in mind that until Apple actually decides on the launch of the new iPhone, all the information you will discover below can always change.

What will be the name of Apple’s new iPhone?

As you may have guessed, Apple’s new device should be dubbed the iPhone 12. Apart from the iPhone 9 which has also been named iPhone X, it is not Apple’s habit to mix the names of its different iPhone models. It is logical that after the iPhone 11 released last year, this year the iPhone 12 arrives.

iPhone 12

How many models will this new generation of iPhone count ?

According to current rumors, the range will include: an iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Max, an iPhone 12 Pro and, finally, an iPhone 12 Pro Max. As for the size of the screens of these devices it could vary between 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches on the iPhone 12 and the 12 Max, while the Pro range could count screens of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively.

What about the price of these new iPhones ?

With possibly the addition of 5G connectivity and the move by Apple of the entire line to OLED screens, if so much that the price of the iPhone 12 will rise it is difficult to know how much it will climb. Disclosing in the past with precision information about Apple and even Google, last April, on Twitter, Jon Prosser published what he knows according to his sources about the prices of the entire range : so as for the iPhone 12 its price will be 649 dollars, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be put on sale for the price of 1,099 dollars, according to the tweet.

When will the new iPhone be available ?

Apple normally expects the release of its new iPhone models in September, with a launch about 10 days after the event. But this year, Apple announces a delay of a few weeks of its new iPhones. An event is organized by the company” Time Flies ” on September 15, but it is currently believed that the event will focus only on the Apple Watch and a new iPad Air. According to various sources, the new iPhones will be announced in the week of October 12. Also according to these same sources, the Apple Watch and the new iPad will also be launched.

The future iPhone : what will it look like?

According to a Bloomberg article, the new iPhone models will move away from the rounded edges used on the iPhone 11 and return to the iPhone 5 and the flat-edged design of the iPad Pro. The back of the phones will be similar, with the Pro models having three cameras as well as a LIDAR sensor for 3D scanning.

As for the standard models of the iPhone 12 they will have two cameras. Some sources also report an assumption that the face identification sensor matrix, also called the real depth camera, will be smaller this year, which will reduce the overall size of the notch that is in the top of the iPhone screen. Standard models of the iPhone 12 will continue to use an aluminum case, and Pro models will retain a stainless steel case.

Will the future iPhone really be compatible with 5G ?

Apparently Apple seems to be ready for a first release of devices compatible with 5G. still according to Bloomberg, Apple will actually release four new iPhone models that will all have 5G connectivity.

What are the technical characteristics of the new iPhone models ?

As already mentioned, Apple will switch from LCD panels of the basic model of the iPhone 12 to OLED panels across the entire range this year. OLED displays have the following features : they are brighter, have better color contrast and deeper blacks, and all things considered, these new features are an important improvement. It is very likely that Apple will announce that its latest A14 Bionic processor will also be available in the range of the iPhone 12, which will naturally pride itself on improving its performance.

Speculation is rife, and the iPhone 12 Pro could be equipped with 120Hz display technology, but nothing concrete has emerged. Not to mention that the new LIDAR sensor used in the current range of iPad Pro will undoubtedly find itself on the iPhone 12 Pro and also the Pro Max. Thanks to the camera, Apple and developers will be able to create better augmented reality applications, thanks to the 3D scanning technology that the camera brings to the range.