Good news for Instagram Users ! The social Network launches endless feed

instagram feed

No! You don’t dream, Instagram wants to monopolize your attention and it looks like it knows how to do it to achieve it. An endless scroll in the Instagram feed. The social network once again continues to evolve its platform by adding this time suggested content directly in the feed of its users, as if to pass the following message : even when there is nothing left to see, finally there is always and again !

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

So do we remember the period of confinement? It is surely happened to you during this period to be at the end of your Instagram feed, you have passed all the posts of your subscriptions to the comb with attentive eyes and to receive this notification “you are up to date” , then nothing to see, nothing to do, which probably directed your attention to another application because we all know that the period of confinement was hard and painful and you had to find a way to kill the boredom to pass the time as they say.

So to remedy this and ensure that such a thing does not happen again, Instagram has come up with a solution : suggested content at the end of your feed.

And as Instagram wants to do things right, these posts will be selected by an algorithm that has previously identified the publications likely to please you and this probably according to your interests and your subscriptions, not to mention that these recommended content may not come from the accounts you already follow, it would be an opportunity to discover them and maybe even that you can you, interested in them at the same time.

Since this kind of novelty often appears in the Drip account for users, if you do not have it on your application yet, be patient : it is undoubtedly in progress.

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

Instagram: a new advertising space!

In the same vein, to make its platform even more interesting, Instagram will also use this new space as a monetization bias through sponsored content. Very smart! But not at all surprising.

In addition to giving itself all the chances to capture the attention of its users and push them to spend more time on its platform, Instagram takes the same opportunity to offer itself a business opportunity to boost its turnover.

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

Is Instagram inspired by Tik Tok?

We are perfectly entitled to ask ourselves if this feed does not take its inspiration from that of Tik Tok, this social network that continues to increase in popularity but also in number of users with today a worldwide success of more than two billion downloads.

Tik Tok actually has an infinite flow of content that can interest them by classifying them with the hashtag foryou.

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

Instagram’s Reels feature

Again would Tik Tok be a muse for Instagram? Indeed Instagram has launched the Reels feature worldwide for a few weeks.

Largely inspired by Tik Tok, this new short video format was first tested in France and then in Brazil and Germany. Today it is deployed in 50 countries.

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

The goal of Reels is to attract Tik Tok lovers but…

The arrival of Reels in the 50 countries should be good news for Instagram which must be able to attract a good part of the public concerned about the security and privacy issues of Tik Tok.

Among the countries that can already take advantage of this feature are: Italy, Germany, Brazil, France, Japan, Australia, Spain, Mexico or the United States.

It should be noted that this new feature falls right at the moment when Donald Trump plans to permanently ban Tik Tok from its territory which could be very interesting.

Coincidence? In any case we do not think about it! Note that the only exit door that opens to the Tik Tok app is to sell its American business to Microsoft and let the United States get a share of the cake.

As a reminder, due to rumors of spying by the Chinese government, the Tik Tok app is now banned from all phones of the various US armies. One of the biggest goals of Reels is to compete strongly with the Chinese application but nevertheless its goals do not end there.

Indeed Instagram wants to reach all types of users, not only the youngest.

With these 15-second videos, the social network offers its users the opportunity to share moments without worrying about copyrights for music for example, the network for this, relies on its agreements with labels but also with publishers and independents from the world of music.

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

Reels, an inspiration for stories?

Reels seems to be an easy to use feature because there is no additional application to download and install, it is located directly within Instagram itself and better it takes the codes already well established by the social network. This feature was developed on the same ideas as those of the competition.

It must be remembered that, what Instagram does with Reels, it is deja vu with the stories, which also came to compete with Snapchat.

Once again, Instagram is demonstrating its willingness to offer a new feature within its platform, while its competitors are offering a similar feature as a unique product. The platform belonging to Facebook therefore relies on the versatility of its products and it must be admitted that until then, it succeeded him rather well.

Admit that you are excited to know how to use Reels, this brand new feature on Instagram. Feeling ready to test this new option? So, let’s go! We’re taking off for the real world of Instagram.

Instagram instagram instagram is a brand new option, so you should make sure that your Instagram app is up to date before looking to use Reels, if it is not, nothing is lost, just go to Play store from your mobile and type “Instagram” in the search bar, then “update” and finally “open” if your app is already up to date, just open Instagram on your mobile. Once on the homepage of Instagram in other words on the news feed, as on Vine for those who know, you press the record button, pause and shoot another scene.

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

This allows you, for example, to film an interview or an exchange between 2 people or you or your collaborators, in different places. As for the audio of your video you are entitled to 3 options : you can record your message while talking in the video or put a music, a sound in the background that is directly available on the application or do both at the same time.

You can also choose to speed up and / or slow down your video and add a dynamic look to your content. As for effects, as in the classic way on Instagram, you can use effects : voice effects, filter effects and others.

After Facebook Instagram is around to come up with new features mostly aimed at attracting more users and retaining the youngest. Facebook and Instagram are becoming more and more interested in the New Tik Tok app, and it should be noted that these features come at a time when younger users are increasingly interested in the new Tik Tok app at the expense of Facebook and Instagram.

Would Mark Zuckerberg feel threatened by competition?

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed

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